Spring/Summer Trends: Holographic

Hello Fashion Loves,

See I told you I’d be back! Now that it’s feeling more like spring, we can get into these trends!
Spring Trend  #1

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April Goals! 

Hello fashion lovers & friends! 

I’ve been away for a bit! I haven’t been all the way here for you guys & I apologize! Lol

March was such a hectic month! It was super busy but good busy! I hosted my first event “Style N Study” , it was Fun & had a great time with some cool gals! Hosted my first community service project, “Honeyb’s Prom Dress Drive” , we collected almost 30 dresses and are in the process of giving them out to some beautiful young ladies! 

I have been busy styling and juggling school! It’s been crazy but for April I decreased some of my goals so that I can fully accomplish each goal! 


I definitely NEED to find an internship! Never thought it would be so hard to find a decent internship! It’s so hard but I have to have one for school, so if you of any places, feel free to leave a comment!

I’ve started developing thebhivebuzz tv but I’m in no rush to launch, so I’m taking my time with that aspect!

Time to create a formal email list for Thebhivebuzz.com , so be on the lookout for that really soon! I need to launch a survey to make sure I’m doing everything in my ability to help you get your wardrobe right! 

This month’s motto: LIVE THE DREAM. NO FEAR. Last month showed me that people are really paying attention to me and the blog so now it’s time to live the dream and not let fear stop me! 

Hope this has inspired you to start documenting your goals! Happy April! 



World Book Day!


Hey Fashion Loves,

Today is “World Book Day”! Celebrating the love of books, the importance of reading them, expanding our imaginations and creating our own stories.

I came up with a few outfits inspired by a few popular book characters!





I hope today you cuddle up with a good book and let your imagination takeover!

What’s your favorite book?