Toes N Sandals Summer 2015


Hello Fashion Loves,

Since Summer is almost upon us but if you live in the south like me then you know it already feels like the summer. So, pedicures and shoe shopping are on the agenda before the big beach getaways. I’ve paired some of this year’s sandal trends plus this year’s nail polish trends to help you out. I know how indecisive I can be when I get to the nail salon and can’t pick a color; so this should definitely help with the struggle.

Toes & Sandals
No matter how much we thought they were ugly when we were kids, Birkenstocks’ are making a come back but in the cutest way EVER! Can’t wait to me a super cute pair for the summer!
Toes & Sandals
This fringe strappy has been all over this spring so you know it will definitely be the must-have shoe this summer!
Toes & Sandals 2015
Never sleep on the classic red, it’s just the pop of color these gold jellies need to make a statement!
Toes & Sandals
You can never go wrong with a nude polish, my go-to polish; it goes with everything!
Toes & Sandals
Can’t forget about the sparkle especially on the classic black sandal.
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