Beach Babe Looks For Less


Hello Fashion Loves,

I bet you guys are all looking for your beach babe ensemble but can’t exactly afford to spend a pretty penny on it. I can help with that! I have a few looks for less to help you achieve your best beach babe looks.  Look like a million bucks with only a few dollars!

Beach Babe Look 4 Less
*tip* If you a deep slit skirt is out of your budget, buy a inexpensive flowy maxi skirt and cut your own slits!
Beach Babe Look 4 Less
*tip* Buy a simple straw beach bag from your local discount store, get you some arts & crafts paint and put your own personal touch on it!
Beach Babe Look 4 Less
*tip* Layer several inexpensive headbands on top of each other for a more boohoo look Plus you Can make your own Kimono buying a silk-textured gown and cutting it down the middle.
Beach Babe Look 4 Less
*tip* Buy a cute band tee from the thrift store and cut it to your liking. DIY a beach tote by using a piece of fabric, sewing around the edges and attaching a zipper or clasp at the opening.
Beach Babe Look 4 Less
*tip* Check out some Youtube videos on beach friendly makeup! Plus make your own Bracelet stack by buying several simple cheap bangles.
Beach Babe Look 4 Less
*tip* Go to your local Goodwill or thrift store for any of these 3 pieces that will help pull together a perfect beach esemble for probably under $30
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