It’s Gonna Be May…….

May 2015  goals

Hello Fashion Loves,

Finals are FINALLY over! So that means, I’m back! I hate leaving the blog but finals cloud my life (lol)!

Anywho it’s MAY! Time for new goals and some old that I didn’t a chance to get to.

Start Planning for Fall 2015 Blog EventsĀ 

Style N Study was AWESOME (Recap post coming soon) so next semester I have so many ideas! Then in the Spring we can start doing Style N Study at other campus’!

Launch Thebhivebuzztv

Finally have time to get this out! I can’t wait to start doing videos on YouTube!

Create email list for blog subscribers

Revamp press kit

Plan a trip

This summer will be all about traveling and enjoying life, yes work will get done but FUN is what keeps us alive!

This month’s quote:

Stay Focused Darlin’!

You can’t forget yourself and your goals, keeping you first doesn’t make you selfish, it helps keep you accountable for your actions and control over your life!




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