Spring/Summer Trends: Holographic

Hello Fashion Loves,

See I told you I’d be back! Now that it’s feeling more like spring, we can get into these trends!
Spring Trend  #1

Every time, I get asked so what are the new trends for Spring/Summer, I say “There are none”! We’ve honestly been here before with a lot of things we are seeing this year!

Holographic accessories are still in and exceptionally gorgeous this time of year! I originally bought these cuties for my 21st birthday but they are so simple, they go with anything!

We can easily dress these up but I wanted to pair these up with a casual number.

Spring Trends #2

Jersey- JCpenney Jeans-Target (my favorite jeans)

Heels- ShoeTrend (Shoetique in NC)

IMG_4633Don’t they just look so perfect & no matter what you put on with them, they take on those colors, it just works!

Spring Trend #5I love these bracelets made by Mommy & the one of the left arm is from my Chloe & Isabel boutique (here’s a closer look), I’ve been wearing the pair almost everyday!

Make sure to take a look in my Chloe & Isabel Boutique, they have pieces you can keep forever; timeless pieces that come with a Lifetime Guarantee (send it back & they will replace, no questions asked)!

Spring Trends #4

Love this fit, comfy & cool!



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