March……Already?! Monthly Goals Post


I flaked on posting my February goals but I achieved so much last month, despite all the snow here in NC!

The snow actually gave me more time to sit at home and get so much work done so I’m thankful for it, yet I wish it will go away for awhile!

This month, it’s time to implement all the plans made in February and create more plans for April!

I’m so excited for this month because I have so many great things in store for the site & for all of my readers, supporters!

In March, I will be hosting my first event Style N Study Happy Hour at my school and I am doing “Honeyb’s Prom Dress Drive” to benefit the young ladies in my hometown of Durham,NC!

Last month, I met so many new people that will get me to the next level, so there will tons of collaborations coming real soon! Getting back in the gym, implementing 1 internship application a day because I have to have an internship for the summer!

I’m currently working on live inventory for my t-shirt shop Honeyb&Co. Right now everything happens online so by the end of this month, I hope to have some inventory on hand as well as online. Also, still working on thebhivebuzztv! So many ideas for that but this month, we will definitely buckle down, get it up & running!

Have any March goals?! Here’s a download of the template for you to use!

March Goals

My pastor’s sermon yesterday (March 1st), NO STRUGGLE, NO PROGRESS!

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