Shopping your Closet


Hello Fashion Loves,

Every time we figure out our plans, the first thing we say is “I NEED TO GO GET SOMETHING TO WEAR!” (TWEET THIS) Before we even think to look in our closets first, I’m very guilty of this too but we must learn to “Shop Our Closets”!

Skimming magazines sometimes make us think we must have that very EXACT top or whatever it maybe. Shopping your closet and using magazines for inspiration, help keep us away from impulse shopping. This has helped me so much this past year.

Once we are equipped with the essentials then we have basically everything we need for any occasion. (closet essentials list)

Of course, we have case by case situations but for every little thing, there’s no need for a full-out shopping spree unless you have that kind of bank (I definitely do not!)

Here are a few Style boards that can help you with a few ideas using the essentials from your closet. Download links are also available via the contact form below and the links will be sent to your inbox.

Shopping Your Closet: White Tee
Shop Your Closet: Jeans
Shop Your Closet : The Black Dress

If you like these digital boards & would like them to tailor to your closet,
Click Here to see how you can get Personalized Digital Style Boards.

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