Shopping: The Cheat Sheet

Hello Fashion Loves,

Shopping may not be so complicated for some but for others they may completely blind to how to snag a deal while shopping. Deals just don’t count as saving money but snagging that versatile classic piece that you can wear with several things in your closet.

The goal while shopping should be to gain more options for your closet. Something that you can wear more than one time of course. Even if it’s a dress to wear out on the town, you should be able to wear that dress several times after that night out and make it look like a brand new dress every time!


Here are 3 simple questions to ask yourself before making that purchase in the store & as a bonus, I’ve created a cute wallet-sized version for you to carry with you! 🙂

1. Do I have anything like this in my closet?

We make the mistake plenty of times by purchasing the same or similar item that we already have in our closet. Not only is it a waste of money but it’s just going to clutter your closet. There’s one more thing you won’t wear again after the first time.

2. What else in my closet can I pair this with?

My mom and I love to shop but I find myself asking her this question a lot. After you wear it this one time for this one event, will you ever be able to wear it again. Like buying a dress for a night out with your girls, after you wear it out will you be able to dress it down for class or a casual date. Could you dress it up in a different way for another occasion? Just something to ask yourself, that way you get the best bang for your buck!

3. How long will this last?

You know there are stores that have great prices but you know for sure after you wash or wear it several times, it won’t look anything like it did when you bought it. Paying a little extra for quality but nothing overboard, is the best thing you could ever do!

Using these 3 questions, will ensure you a score every time!

If you like this post but still need extra help for shaping your shopping habits for 2015. Check out Project Revamp, Click the pretty picture below.


Here’s your bonus download of your wallet-sized Shopping Cheat Sheet!


Shopping Cheat Sheet




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