January Goals


It’s a NEW YEAR & What a Happy one it is! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for my life. 2014 was AMAZING! So much has happened Great, Magnificent things as well as Tragic, Heart-Breaking things as well.

I’m just amazed  how far I’ve come in the blogosphere as well as a person! Anyways, enough of the sentimental hooplah; onto business!

This year, I plan to really be about the business of the blog, making the blog work for me! (literally) I have so much in-store for the new year, planning has been crucial but it’s all going to great!

January I plan to work on something’s with myself and I want others to take that journey with me. #BSTRESSFREE is a campaign I’m starting this year to help myself and others refrain from being overwhelmingly stressed with life. Life is great we should enjoy it all times and being overly stressed just hinders us from gaining our full view of life. (more coming later)

Last month, I was to be looking for internships, I looked but then got swamped with blog work so now I need to go back apply for about 50 million of them.

#projectrevamp is a program I’m starting this during the new year for those looking for a style revamp, so I will revamping closets, shopping habits and teaching people how to put things together in their closets with simple steps. I can’t wait, I already have my first client who actually gave me the idea so I’m excited to share her update at the end of the month. (more information on how you can sign up coming later this month)

I need to finish the blog revamp, I love the way it’s coming along. There’s still a few things I want to add to make it look like my dreams. (yes I dream about this)

I’m really learning to plan ahead, I started this last year and I saw how helpful it was to me so I want to continue doing full 3-4 month plans for the blog.

I’m working my health regime (food, beauty care, health care) for this new year, I try new things every year and just adopt what works. I know for sure for the month of January, I will be going mostly meat-free; trying to cleanse my body from the harsh holiday food break. Get my in-home gym life together because Gyms at the beginning of the year are a Drab! My class schedule is crazy this semester getting a little closer to graduation (December 2015) so this is the time life gets psycho! lol

I have added services to the blog, this is part of making this work for me. So you can click the #lethoneybgetyouright box in the sidebar >>>>> to see what goodies I have for you guys. I hope to gain a few clients this month! Also click the SHOP tab, Tshirts from honeyb&co are still available! I’ve decided to keep them year-round.

Lastly, I need to HAVE FUN! & you should too, life is short and we only have one so live it up! Travel, party, do hood things with your friends; not too much but just enough to stay human!

What are your goals for January 2015?! Leave a comment below! I can’t wait to hear!






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