We’ve got a NEW LOOK!

Hey Fashion Loves,

The B Hive Buzz has a new look & I love it! New things are still being added it but I’m mostly done. My thinking is “when something gets old and common, it’s time to switch it up”. I wasn’t feeling the old site anymore, it was starting to bring me down, the background wasn’t always working so it hindered a lot of posts for you guys. I needed to do something new and different.

I added new tabs above and new pages available to the left, you can click on those and check them out!

I think I’ve finally figured out my place in this blog world, it’s all about working what you have, finding value in it! After, this past year; I lost a lot of my wardrobe and other things but it helped to shape my gift of fashion know-how. I figured out how to make it work; so I want to help others figure out how they can do the same too!

In my services tab, you can find it in the #lethoneybgetyouright box in the sidebar to the right. Figure out if what I do can potentially help you. A lot of people ask me to style them for events or trips, so that is available. Others have clothing in their closet with no idea how to wear it, “Finding Closet Value” is for you! Some wished I could be with them 24/7 to dress them daily so I’ve developed “Monthly, Bi-Monthly & Yearly Outfit Inspiration Digital Downloads“; you can purchase them to fit your personal style and closets. Print them out and hang them in your closet for an easy look daily. Everyone else just wants a shopping buddy to throw them in the right direction of style, so you can now set up “Personal Styling Appointments” which will eventually become virtual.

I have tons of series set up for readers this year PLUS giveaways. I’ve never really posted a giveaway so everyone should be excited about that! Free Stuff!

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoy the new site as much as I enjoyed making it!




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