Bak2school fashion: What to wear to……… Welcome week activities

Hi Fashion Loves,

In college, you get to school a couple days early before classes start. This is so you can get to know the campus and get to know the people around you. My school, we do something called “Welcome Week” where there are activities put together by the Student Activities Board to get people out and about on campus. I believe that a lot schools do this so I gave outfit inspirations that could help out with this.

What to wear to....... Welcome Week Activities

  • Class Meetings are a good way to meet people in your graduating class, they become to be long time friends.
  • First Week Socials or meet and greets are another way to meet people and show your personality off. Your outfit is always a good conversation piece.
  • Convocation is just a program that most schools have for freshman at the beginning of the year to kind of induct them into the school. So you want to make sure you make a good impression to your deans and school chancellor.
  • Night Out in College can be wild and crazy but there’s no reason to not look chic and ready to party. Have fun, that’s what college is all about, oh and learning! Don’t forget learning!


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