Bak2school fashion: What to Wear to………….. Your First Day of Class

Hi Fashion Loves,

First day of class in college can be a little crazy. If you’ve been in college for awhile like me you know. There can be crazy circumstances like their maybe a classroom change way in another building. You may have registered for the wrong class and need to go to your advisor’s teeny weeny office to fix it.  You want to get a head start on your book shopping and you get to the book store, realizing everyone had the same idea too. The first couple days of classes can be crazy but if you’re looking good during all the chaos, it will make it way better.  We can’t forget that people can still see you, so look pleasant even if you don’t feel pleasant. Below are some outfit ideas of some funky first day of class outfits and on the side are keys to putting together a perfect outfit.

What to Wear to....... First Day of Class
  • A shirt to show your personality because you will pass tons of people daily on campus and everyone is getting some kind of clue about you when they look at what you have on .
  • Comfy bottoms, for sure you don’t want anything restricting while walking around campus because that will not feel good.
  • Always Make sure you have flats or wedges, though you may see others going all out with the heels trust me you will thank me later that I told you not to wear them.
  • The big bag will help you a lot to hold all your syllabus and one notebook to write down anything that is not listed in your syllabus.

QUICK TIP Make sure to print out all your syllabus the night before your first day of class, just in case the teacher wanted you to but didn’t express that in anyway.

I hope this was helpful! More tomorrow!



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