Bak2school Fashion!

Hi Fashion Loves,

School is right around the corner! Whether you’re still in grade school or college, you still want to look like you stepped out of a magazine. Though as college students we can get a little lazy when it comes to getting dressed but it’s always great to look good. This week, I want to help you with that by giving you tips on how to look effortlessly fabulous for everyday of the week and for every event. Today, I did 6 Pieces & 10 outfits. You don’t need much in your closet to look super cute, there are hundreds of combinations in your closet. It’s just all about what you put together, what accessories and shoes you add. Check out the combinations below & let me know what you think and what combinations you have made in your closet. Try 6 piece combination when you go back to school, I bet you’ll love it!


Back2School Fashion Thebhivebuzz

See ya,



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