#HOSA week Hot Mens Shoes for Spring!

Hello Fashion Lovers & Gents!

Today, is day two of #HOSA (Hour of Swag Attack Week)! I think it’s going well so far! Today is everything concerning mens shoes, whats hot right now, what trends are in, ALL THAT!!!!

  • Kobe, KDs, Lebrons 

For all the sneakerheads out there, I’m not one of those , YET! But, these shoes are Hot, Nike comes out with new ones almost every other month seems like, from the Black History Months or BHMs to the Easter ones! These kicks go hard and are super fly! These are the new ones coming out at the end of the month, they are the Superhero Elite Series 2.0.



  • Cole Haan Oxfords with colored bottom

Cole Haan Oxfords are really hot right now with the colored bottoms. They bring something really cool to the average business casual look.


  • Keds for Opening Ceremony 

These Keds are far from your average old white sneaker, these are super cool to add to your wardrobe.

77759c08a8322249bd5bf195a7796f95 46370_2


  • Jordans 

Everyone knows Jordans aren’t going anywhere! Might as well add them to the list, they go for every season!


Thats All for now! Tag me on instagram with the hashag #HOSA #kicksoftheday and show me the kicks you guys are rocking today! You also can tag me via twitter with those hashtags or tag me on Facebook!

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See Ya!




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