Mid-week Fashion Fix– Boots in the Spring!

Hello Fashion Lovers,

Now, that it is slowly starting to feel more like spring, I can finally really look like spring without freezing! LOL I love boots, they are like my favorite style of shoe and I wear all year! So I did two looks this week where I wore boots with more of a spring-type outfits. This is also a good way to get your money’s worth out of your boots.


First Look- Sorry for the picture! It was a jam-packed day!

Shirt- Forever 21 Shorts- Local Yard Sale (they were once mom jeans) Sweater- (Super old) Target Tights- Forever 21 Boots- Local shoe store called “Shoe Trend”





Second Look-

Jacket– Thrift Sale Dress– Forever 21 Socks-Target Boots- Shoe Carnival

Now, Let’s see your Boots in the Spring!


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