March 2013! what happened?!

Hello Fashion Lovers,

March 2013 in three words, Panic, Sleepy, Excitement. Weird words to describe it but that’s my life though. The month of March, I costumed a huge play which you guys heard about. Tons of costumes and kids running and asking questions, though at the time, it was crazy but fun at the same time. Putting together a photo shoot for Hour of Swag Attack, going to class and putting together prom looks. March has cold and heavy instead of hot and heavy because the weather was no better than February. I’m just ready for the weather to really break. I have tons of ideas that I am going to get out this month, that will help spread the word of the buzz and the B hive! I hope you guys are on board with me this month! Tons in store!

Also, Midterm grades were really good, considering all of the work I’m doing outside of school!


Here’s an Instagram flash of my month!



Okay, guys see you later this week!




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