Here’s what you missed!!! I’m back!!!

Hello fashion lovers!

I’m back I’m sorry I’ve been away for sometime now! But I’ve been busy busy busy & hardly been near a laptop unless its homework. I just finished a big play at my alma matar doing their costumes for the world premier of “Why Mosquitos buzz?!” Based on the children’s book “why Mosquitos buzz in people’s ears?!”. It turned out really great! There’s a few pictures below!



It was a huge cast! I been rocking with new cd by Justin Timberlake since last Tuesday! I highly suggest checking that out if you haven’t already done so.


Outfit I liked the most since I been gone! My blue & white outfit from last Tuesday! Candid pics inbetween busy days!

Earrings-dazzle from Nordstrom rack
Colbalt blue jeans-Nordstrom rack (Trend Alert)
Phone case-Amazon

Welp! That’s all til tomorrow ! So Glad to be back I missed you guys!
Don’t forget me on Instagram @honeybbuzz !!!


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