February 2013! What Happened????

Hello Fashion Lovers,

February is now over and what a crazy short/long month it was. It was super cold, snowed several times and in North Carolina; we’re scared of snow and will cancel class in a blink of an eye even if it doesn’t come. I didn’t have class last month, it almost felt like break. Crazy,right?! I was home an awful lot last month working on the play at old high school, which came out awesome. I was featured on racquelbethea.com , finished another feature for my local newspaper (coming this month). I was able to cover the New York Fashion Week like I was there, when in actuality I was sitting in a small dorm room most times. lol I also gained some fabulous new followers to the buzz! Makes me super excited! Hour of Swag Attack has been getting tons of raves and I have been getting so much love for that and the blog. I couldn’t ask for a better month but this month will be FABULOUS!!!!! New ventures, photo shoots,dropping a men’s line for The “B” Hive co., costuming a play that has never ever been done before on a large scale and also bringing you guys tons of fashion every week! So stay with me and I will most definitely keep bringing you the buzz!!!!!

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P.S. Prom is soon guys, need help?! Let me know!

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