#NYFW recap Day 5

Hello Fashion Lovers,

Monday, I tried to catch two shows! I caught none but thankfully I found some videos from Marc by Marc Jacobs and some pictures from the Betsey Johnson show. Both on two different retro-specs, I think.

Betsey Johnson 

The Betsey Johnson show from the pictures seemed very high energy as usual. I mean what else would you expect! She introduced her new workout wear line named “BJ Kicks A”, which is going along with the new workout dvd she has coming out soon. The sweat suits were very bright girly colors, definitely not following any specific trend, very unique. She also designed tennis shoes to go along with the jogging suits. It kind of reminded me of like workout barbies.

27W5682-650x974 27W5963-650x974 27W6389-650x974

Photo source: rollingout.com

Marc by Marc Jacobs

This fashion show, I was focused more on the handbags and less on the clothing. I think the bags were the spotlight unless, they were’nt carrying one but that’s just me. Most of the collection, reminded me of luggage. Every bag was well structured and big in size. For the clothing, I saw a lot of prints that were very bold. I saw an outfit of mixed prints with stripes and a funky design. The prints were very mod inspired. Lots of orange and purple combinations, which I feel will never not be in style for fall and winter. A lot of the pieces in his collection could definitely be worn to the office.

nyfw-marc-by-marc-work-look-2-h724nyfw-marc-by-marc-work-look-9-h724 nyfw-marc-by-marc-work-look-1-h724

photo source: Glamour.com

More Today:

– Michael Kors

– Rachel Zoe

*See Ya* P.S. Hour of Swag Attack is back tonight at 8 via instagram @honeybbuzz!



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