Fashion Week Starts Tomorrow!!!! #nyfw #fashion

Hello Fashion Lovers!

Fashion week Fall 2013 starts tomorrow, I can’t wait to see what’s to come from the great fashion designers. I also can’t to see audience style by fashion bloggers,celebs and stylists. This is my first time really keeping up with it all, I hope next fashion week to be actually in New York during the shows. Then I will be like going crazy! This is my treat to you guys by making sure , I come to you every other day with updates from the shows and some budget and street friendly alternatives. If you would like to look at it yourself, you can watch it on several sites but I will be watching in between classes. I’m super excited!!!!


I will still be doing #hourofswagattack tonight on my instagram! Make sure you’re following me @honeybbuzz!!! Last week, I think a lot of people liked the ideas I posted. I may start blogging it once a week eventually.





Also,  The “B” Hive is looking for help on several fronts , if you are interested , please email me at I’m only taking people in the Durham / Greensboro North Carolina Areas for right now and then hopefully I will be able to take people from other areas too!

help wanted 2


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