Hello Fashion Lovers, So, right before I left home for school, I had to through my lovely ol’ faithful black tall boot! It was the worst thing I had to do! Lets take a moment of silence of reminisce on the good days! 20121112-010204.jpg20121207-081321.jpg Those are all the pictures I could find right now (lol) but those we’re best shoes ever!!!! I had them since sometime in highschool but I guess it was time, they were given to me by my mom’s friend. They were from Target, so considering they lasted longer than expected. The thing is they started ripping on the inside of the shoe so it was like it could break any moment. They were cracking in the front and scuffed on the toe area, hmph. I didn’t get any close ups of them because I didnt want to prolong the process, I just had to throw them away immediately. So now, I’m looking for new boots to replace them. So, I’m looking at these three , tell me what you think below!!! 12334394_130110230000 Xhilaration’s Karima Boot from Target  $59.99 (so I’ll just be watching for these to get cheaper lol) 14139068_121004110000 Merona Kadens Boots from Target for $39.99 LINA_BLACK_B_SIDE-original   Shoedazzle‘s Lina Boot for $19.98!!! I think these might be the ones but that’s only if they’re still available when I get the funds but we will see! I will do an update when I get my new pair!!!!   20121207-081642.jpg


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