Here’s what you missed!!!

Good day fashion lovers!!!!

Had a great weekend!! I hope you guys did too! Friday night , I helped with my moms good friends daughter’s 10th birthday sleepover. Talk about tired & loudness! We made tshirts that night with iron on appliqués & then the next day some ladies from “pamper my princess” (something like that) came and gave the girls mani/pedis & makeup. It was too cute!




That kind of inspired me a little to go back to kid party planning. I used to do a little in high school for family friends kids. Since I’m the oldest kid out of most of my friends children , they call on me often to host the party & I’m always up for a great hustle. No promises yet though!
Then after being with kids under 18 for a night & a day , I had to get out Saturday night! Me and some friends went to a hookah bar in our area. It was our first experience, it was nice but expensive!



My outfit was a day to night deal! During the day! striped sweater-Macy’s black sweater (underneath)-h&m gold jeans-jcpennys earrings-Charlotte Russe Night time outfit sweater-h&m gold jeans-jcpennys fur vest-Macy’s specs-amazon
Sunday was a good day for church! My outfit was really cute but they were super blurry! Sorry!
Some upcoming things this year:
Here’s what you missed!
Midweek update!
Do’s & please Lord do not Thursday
Before I let you go!
I want to incorporate men’s style somewhere in my blog soon! But for now, I’m doing an hour a day on my Instagram (@honeybbuzz) because who doesn’t like a good dressed manly man! Lol
*kisses* see ya later!


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