Here’s what you missed!!!

Hola fashion lovers!

Well this is my last post of the year! 2012 wasn’t too bad to me but with the efforts of this year, next year will be GREAT!!!! I hope you guys are just as excited!!! Re-launching my site with new products tomorrow! Creating a glam squad called brag about it styles!!!! Costuming 2 plays! Helping 2 birthday parties!!! I’m just in love with my life that is to come! My weekend was pretty laid back but I did do a bit of shopping . I have Thursday outfit :

shirt-target (gift) jeans-ny & company scarf-target uggs-Nordstrom earrings-the b hive <<< my business!!!! They'll be up tomorrow!

& Fridays outfit!!

black leather jacket-sears $15 jeans-old scarf-gift moto boots -Charlotte Russe glasses-ummmm I think they’re a friends lol

well what are your 2013 early accomplishments?


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