Mid-Week Update!!!

Hello Everyone! I know I have been ghost this week so I thought I would drop by and tell you what I’ve been working on! So I have been working really hard on my accessories for my online boutique. I have lots of cute goodies to come out, just for you! I am relaunching the site on the first day of 2013!!!!!! Can’t wait! Having a small photo shoot next week to put up on the site and everything! I will give a sneak peak of some of the pictures next week on the mid-week update! Okay so just for you to have a total fashion outlet right now, here’s something for you to get you through the rest of the week!


241927811203000630_te042xv4_c tumblr_md2nnxnEcm1r9pdywo1_500 tumblr_md1qsmCJiR1qkdr3wo1_500 tumblr_md4dksdjnd1rc1wpyo1_500 tumblr_md6aszXIGK1rctbf6o1_500 tumblr_mbwyizPYoS1qbzk1yo1_500 tumblr_mb2sc4WKZ81qdmej1o1_500


Photo credit: Tumblr


All Black Everything has really been seen a lot around in the fashion world! It’s becoming common to calm down the bright colors with an always classic black. I feel like you can’t do any wrong with all black unless it’s a dingy black! You should always update your black and white in your wardrobe because those dingy are just not cute.

Thanks so much for stopping by!



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