My Weekend!!!

Well, I was so busy having fun this weekend that I didn’t have time to upload anything. But, here’s an update!

Thursday, My school had a block party, it was really fun and funny. Though it was very crowded and the random local artists that continued to grace the stage. LOL!!! But anyway, Here’s my outfit!

Jean Vest- Im guessing wither TJ Maxx or Marshalls
White shirt – Ross (old)
Red Pants- Actually bell bottoms -Urban Outfitters $4.99 ( they had a flaw)

So I went home on Friday super unexpected, my high school football team had a game against our rivals and its really a big thing in my hometown. So I zoomed home for that. Sorry no outfit pic for that because it kind of got changed but so much fun!

Then it turned out to be a mommy/daughter weekend. Traveled with my mom to charlotte,nc  to Mary J. Blige in concert! After sitting in an hour of traffic just to go four miles, we had tons of fun. I do have some photos below that I got to take even through the almost dead phones of ours. lol

Floral Dress- Target
Black Wet look leggings – these are super old I’ve had these since 10th grade, I think they are from wal-mart but there are tons of places to get a similar pair
She was really good, Her outfits were great! The first one was a red short suit and black knee boots! HOT!!!
D’angelo! He made a good come back!

Me and my mom had so much fun together! My weekend came to a close by going to see my cousin at school! Fun times! Welp, time to get ready for this week I’m about to have, hope you’re ready for this ride! Working on the picture thing this week, working on getting full body photos!

Thanks for stopping by the Hive!!!


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